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iWoman Report Features Lezlee's Organ Donor/Transplant Advocacy

iWoman TV is the first 24 hour Digital Streaming News and Entertainment Network featuring female trailblazers of the past, present, and future, whose stories and actions are paving the way for women in Media. Emmy Award-winning journalist, talk show host, producer, founder and CEO, Cathleen Trigg-Jones, talks to author and transplant advocate, Lezlee Peterzell-Bellanich, about the important information in her print/audiobook "Saved by a Stranger: Life-Changing Journeys of Transplant Patients." Lezlee hopes both her book will inspire transplant patients to join support groups, remain hopeful, and encourage everyone to sign up to be an organ donor. Watch this enlightening full interview below:

To Purchase your hard copy, audiobook, or listen to sample chapters of "Saved by a Stranger," please click below:

Also, please visit for stories, movies, documentaries, news and shows about women. Cathleen's own personal documentary "Who is Sheila S?" is emotional and thought provoking.

For more information about this author, please visit To schedule an interview or reach out individually, please email

Lastly, please join our "Saved by a Stranger" Facebook group where we share organ donor and transplant stories to support and inspire each other.


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