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Saved by a Stranger

After battling a rare autoimmune disorder called Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC) for eighteen years which led to cirrhosis, author Lezlee Peterzell-Bellanich’s husband, Capt. Rob, finally received his life-saving liver transplant on September 10, 2020, at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL. Today, he looks and feels like a healthy man with a new engine inside of him.  

What were all of the twists and turns that led to where they are now?​
How does hearing amazing survival stories from other transplant

          patients provide hope and crucial information to those on the wait list?​
How, who, and where do deceased organs come from?​​

Latest News from Interviews to Advocacy

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early praise...

"This is truly an inspiring and well-told account of one family's journey through organ transplantation. 

What makes this incredibly enlightening is that the author interviewed other recipients and medical professionals to help create a book that answers many of the questions and unknowns surrounding this life-giving process, thereby encouraging others to become donors. ..."

—Susan Caples, Founder and President of the Katie Caples Foundation

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