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April is Donate Life Month!

As so many transplant families, we continue to be in awe of the miracle of organ donation and transplantation. Doctors take an oath to do everything possible to save lives, but on the rare chance you might become brain dead after an unexpected accident, your organs could save up to 8 lives. If you are not registered as an organ donor on your driver's license, simply click here.

My husband, Capt. Rob, was one of the fortunate people who received a liver transplant on September 10, 2020 after years of waiting desperately for an organ to live. Today, because of his donor, he is doing remarkably well. Now, we are helping others who have questions and need hope. Stories are the best way to share information.

MEET A TRANSPLANT STRANGER is a monthly video series we have begun which takes place on the first Wednesday of each month. Our last video conference in March brought more than 40 people together and was a huge success! I read Jerry's chapter from my book, "Saved by a Stranger: Life-Changing Journeys of Transplant Patients." Jerry was the guest speaker answering questions. We also had transplant recipients, a pre-transplant patient, and people who were just interested in our discussion. To view last month's meeting, please click here.

PLEASE RSVP for this upcoming "Meet a Transplant Stranger" this Wednesday, April 6th at 7pm where we meet Luigi, who had his liver transplant on Christmas morning of 2020 after having liver cancer like his father. Once you RSVP, you will receive a private zoom link to this event. We hope to have a nice group of folks again to take part in this discussion. Once again, I will read Luigi's story and he will be the guest speaker.

If you are on Facebook, please join our group where we share positive stories and keep hope alive. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT.

Saved by a Stranger is getting out there one reader at a time. If you have read the book, please post a review on Amazon, Goodreads, etc. It helps so much. ORDER COPY HERE.


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