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Become a Transplant Warrior By Signing This Petition!

The United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) has been our nation's Non-Profit organization that has regulated our Organ Donation and Transplantation system since 1986, facilitating more than 1 million transplants in the United States.

Please read and sign this important petition to Keep UNOS linked below entitled:

My husband was one of the million who received a healthy organ transplant. UNOS works 24 hours a day 365 days a year matching potential organ donors to recipients in order to save lives. Now, the organization is under attack by our Congress and in jeopardy of being privatized.

Our entire transplant system is based on the fact that no one should profit from this system or be put above another on the waitlist based on wealth or status.

Anyone who has been on the organ transplant list knows how many moving parts are required to make a transplant possible. Could aspects of the system be run more efficiently? Well, every system can be improved, so yes. But do we throw the baby out with the bathwater? No. We keep what works and improve what doesn't.

Having researched and lobbied UNOS on behalf of liver transplant patients, my experience working with members of this organization has been positive and productive. When I created my own petition to UNOS almost three years ago in 2020, I learned how important collected voices are in changing policies to even the playing field. We must educate ourselves and join together to improve and protect our transplant system without dismantling and replacing it with a for profit institution.

Please read and sign this important petition linked below entitled: Stop For-Profit Takeover of Organ Donation: Make Congress Protect Lives!

Thank you for your support. This is only the beginning. There is strength in numbers.

With Gratitude,

Transplant Warriors (which includes YOU)

For more information about the history of UNOS, click here.


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