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One Great Review of "Saved by a Stranger"

“I have read and reviewed almost 200 transplant related books and this one may be the best of them all. I often judge the quality of a book by how engaging it becomes, to the point where the best books just can’t be put down once started. Such was the case with Saved by a Stranger which should have lingered on my ‘to be read’ pile until its time came, but instead, once briefly looked at on its early chapter, I couldn’t put it back down, a sign of how good this writer was in capturing their life challenge and journey.

When you pick up the book, first look at the back cover and study the two photos of Lezlee and Rob as a couple, both before and after shots that convey the miracle of a liver transplant beyond words. That alone will inspire you to open the book and get as engrossed with their story as I was.”

- Jim Gleason Transplant Recipient International Organization (TRIO) National president ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Saved by a Stranger: Life-Changing Journeys of Transplant Patients is now available in all three formats - Hard Cover, Soft Cover, and E-book. Thank you for your support and positive vibes! Click Here to purchase:


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